Impact: West Indies – New Pay-Per-Use MRI’s are of great importance for the region.

Aug 4, 2023 | Impact

Preventing a lot of travel movements for patients to have their basic diagnostic needs resolved. That is what we call “direct impact”. 

With already three established Pay-per-Use MRI installations (St Vincent, St. Lucia and Grenada) and more to come, the activities of Resonandina in the West-Indies cannot be ignored.

We are focused to grow our pay-per-use services in this wonderful Caribbean region. With a strong cooperation with GLOBAL MEDICA we are looking forward to the next steps. We will cover a lot of islands in the region

Next step: 🇧🇧 Barbados (to be reported soon).

The West Indies are known for their richness in culture and nature, but their distance to the “mainlands” makes it harder to get the best diagnostic care. By adding pay-per-use MRI services to the region, diagnostic care is closer to the people and thereby traveling diminishes.

Our ‘Use it, don’t own it’ principle really pays off in this type of landscape and is a perfect fit!


West Indies - New Pay-Per-Use MRI's are of great importance for the region