Health Impact: We reduce the carbon footprint of patients. SDG13, Climate

Nov 8, 2022 | Impact

An MRI around the corner for local accessibility eliminates the need to fly abroad for MRI diagnostics. Our Pay-per-Use solutions contribute primarily to SDG13 by reducing the carbon footprint of our client’s patients. Some of our clients need to transport their patients by plane to another island or the mainland for MRI services. With our Pay-per-Use MRI next to their clinic, they are able to offer these services locally and more efficient.

All of our units are delivered turnkey, so there is little to none additional construction necessary on site. At the end of a contract we can transport our product to a new location to re-use it for a new client. On location they can be updated to new technological standards by replacing the outdated parts. Our modular solutions are service based and offer a circular approach to diagnostic solutions in healthcare.