Impact: Access to good healthcare services with Pay-per-Use, SDG 3

Dec 8, 2022 | Impact

On average, 26 people out of 100 in Latin America and the Caribbean have less access to good healthcare services, according to The World Bank Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Compared to certain parts of the world, those rates are quite good, however, compared to the United States or Europe, there is still much to be gained. For example, in the Netherlands, 86% of the population has good access to healthcare services, 88% in the United Kingdom and 83% in the United States.

In some of the countries where we are most active right now, those rates are as high as 34 out of 100 people with less access to health services. By offering our Pay-per-Use services we have an impact on the accessibility of healthcare and can improve these rates.

Our mission is: Improving access to high-quality diagnostic equipment for healthcare professionals and patients and thereby supporting SDG3

We believe that developing countries are ready to take the next step to improve these rates, and we will be part of the solution.

Thumbs up for the companies and organizations we collaborated with to achieve common goals. GE Healthcare, Task Force Health Care, Invest International & Global Medíca Dominicana.