New Client: New Pay per Use Modular MRI agreement in Chile

Nov 18, 2022 | New Client

>350.000 people without MRI facility are now served with our Pay per Use MRI.

In Chile, Santa Cruz is the main city of the Colchagua province. The region ‘del Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins’, 200 KM south of Santiago, is renowned for its wine. Since there is no MRI service for > 350.000 inhabitants CruzMedical closed a long term contract with Resonandina for a modular MRI solution on the parking lot. Thanks to Dr Aldo Vargas and Dr Cristian Swinburn for the partnership.

Diego Gonzáles and Jorge Dinamarca from GE Healthcare and Juan Pablo Leiva and David Acuna from Tekemi great to develop this Pay-per-Use Modular MRI with you!

3D Modeller Stefan Botman made a beautiful visual from the Modular MRI for us. We will share more images and a video of the renders later on. Thanks Stefan!

pay per use modular mri in chile
cruzmedical entrance chile, contract resonandina mri