Funding: 1,5M funding for Pay-per-Use MRI in Villa Mella, Dominican Republic

Dec 9, 2022 | Funding

Resonandina is again supported in the “pay-per-use” philosophy aiming improved access to Diagnostics in LatAm. We successfully closed a Campaign at EUR 1,5 million. Our CEO Floriaan van Bemmelen, CFO Radboud Horsthuis and COO Dennis Korthouwer joined forces to develop a top of the bill financial strategy for the Pay-per-Use MRI in the Dominican Republic.

We are grateful having a group of ‘recurring” Informal Investors. Thanks to the members of Westfries Kapitaal, Kaasstad Kapitaal and others. Thanks to Peter Vonk, Otto Stoelwinder, Louis Laan and Ted den Ouden for their support and commitment!