New Client: Pay per Use MRI on the rise in the Caribbean

Nov 23, 2022 | New Client

The number of Pay per Use MRI’s in the Caribbean is growing fast!

Director Miguel Ángel Arias from Centro Diagnóstico Especializado (CEDISA) wants to offer MRI diagnostics in his clinic in Villa Mella, Santo Domingo. Resonandina signed a contract with CEDISA for a Pay per Use Modular MRI. Currently CEDISA is preparing the location for the MRI, which will be installed soon.

Villa Mella is a Part of Santo Domingo Norte, Dominican Republic and It is considered an economically growing district of the capital Santo Domingo. The new Resonandina Pay per Use MRI will further contribute to that prosperity.

Great to have Victor Rodriguez, Anibal Guzman and Joseph Winzey from Global Medíca Dominicana and Michał Pigłas and team from JMP on board.