Funding: Round 2. Direct measurable health impact in Brazil!

May 26, 2023 | Funding

Next step in measurable effects of the pay-per-use model in Brazil. New project in ongoing crowdfund campaign:

The next project listed for our ongoing crowdfund campaign is a fixed MRI for hospital Kenko Saudé in Itaguai, south of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Hospital Kenko Saudé had a Mobile MRI for 5 years. The next step for Dr Kazuhiro Kajishima is realizing a new medical diagnostic center in the city.

Itaguai (75 KM south of Rio de Janeiro)
1 Refurbished GE Optima 360
200.000 inhabitants having Accessible diagnostics
7.500 MRI scan per year
10 Dedicated staff of professionals

Installing a refurbished MRI part of lifecycle extension and example of sustainable medical lease.

Follow the link above to invest in this project with excellent social and economic return.

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