Impact: Cyclotron, preparing High-Precision cancer diagnostics.

Jul 7, 2023 | Impact

Making the radiopharmacon used in Cancer Diagnosis to improve outcomes of treatment with our cyclotron. Key in the Nuclear Medicine Suite: Cyclotron, Radiopharmacy and PET/CT.

A PET/CT is a revolutionary device for cancer diagnosis. In the logistics the “half-life” time of FDG and other radioisotopes the proximity of our Cyclotron is key. Enabling timely patient imaging and understand where to focus; Radiotherapy or other options as a next step.

The GE Healthcare Cyclotron is capable of producing isotopes to cover >99% of all clinical PET/CT procedures. The relatively small footprint for a clinical cyclotron is a big advantage. Allowing to set up your own production program for the fields of oncology, neurology and cardiology.

Resonandina's Cyclotron for making radiopharmacon. Nuclear Medicine an Radiopharmacy