Impact: New service; “Nuclear Medicine Suite” in Lima, Peru.

Jul 21, 2023 | Impact

There is a need for more diagnostics in the field Nuclear Diagnostics in Lima, Peru.

Substantial impact in a fragile population with PET/CT. Better insights in illness provokes good indications for the next steps. Accessible diagnostics in Lima, Peru.

About 4.000 per 1 million/ YR get a cancer diagnosis. Lima has more than 11 million inhabitants.

We are partnering to develop the “Nuclear Medicine Suite” with various PET/CT’s and a Cyclotron to greatly improve access to diagnostics for the region.

PET/CT plays a central role in cancer diagnostics. Better insight in the illness provokes good indications for next phases like; surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Dr Carlos Cruz Hurtado and Jean Karlo Rojas are servicing various hospitals in Lima with a team of nuclear medicine specialists. Instituto Peruano de Oncología & Radioterapia (IPOR) is the leading Cancer Center in Lima. Impact for a fragile population by serving a region of 11 million inhabitants.

Partnering with @GE Healthcare we acquired a new Discovery IQ 3 ring – PET/CT with advanced software, laser and more.

PET/CT for accessible diagnostics in Lima Peru, doctor signing contract for nuclear medicine suite