Impact: Headhunter KornFerry expands Resonandina’s reach. New regional director Asia.

May 12, 2023 | Impact

Their network of professionals is of pure excellence and together with Korn Ferry’s expert services it will contribute to the success of our recently founded subsidiary: Resonandina Asia.

An experienced candidate to convey our message, ‘Use it, don’t own it!’, through the continent. Resonandina’s upcoming regional director will focus on expanding the pay-per-use services across the Asian continent. Bringing accessible diagnostics to a continental population of almost 5 billion people, an equivalent of 60% of the world’s population. Impressive! 

A tremendous market and adventurous challenges for global health impact. The new regional director for Asia will guide Resonandina to new heights. Bringing high quality diagnostics to the people for accurate treatment. The best treatment results in more healthy people!

Jonathan Zhu leads the search for KornFerry in the region with the assistance of Regina Ang. Thanks to Onno Goedhart and Annette Verdegaal.

Collaborating with Vijay Subramaniam from GE Healthcare.

Resonandina expands to asia