New client: Saving 8 hours of travel with pay-per-use by CEDEMER.

Apr 7, 2023 | New Client

San Juan de Maguana is without an MRI service. People have to travel 4 hours two way to Santo Domingo. With our pay-per-use model partner Centro de Medicina Especializada y Referimiento (CEDEMER) solves an eminent need.

San Juan de Maguana is a city and municipality in the west of the Dominican Republic. Fertile soil and a good climate make it an important region for agriculture and livestock. With a regional population of 500.000+ inhabitants accessible diagnostic care has a big impact.

In the city they have an excellent healthcare center, CEDEMER, but it is without an MRI service. With our pay-per-use model we can step in and fill the gap.

Thanks to Dr Cartagena CEDEMER will soon be expanding their radiology department with a fixed MRI. Offering high quality and accessible diagnostic care for more healthy people.

Use it, don’t own it.

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