Impact: Accessible diagnostics closer to 50% of 2.000.000 inhabitants

Apr 14, 2023 | Impact

New location for our mobile MRI in the south of the city, closer to around 1.000.000+ inhabitants in the market. Making diagnostics even more accessible in La Paz.

We arrived at a new location with our mobile MRI: Av Florida in La Paz Zona Sur

Calle Las Retamas, #8482, Zona La Florida, La Paz, Bolivia.

Providing our clients with flexibility is one of the great benefits of a mobile MRI in a box. This particular client has contracts with a number of major health insurers (CAJA’s), ensuring that many people get the best diagnostic care.

Good news:

Today we heard that CDI-HAI signed another contract with Asociación de Personas con Cáncer y Familiares Bolivia (APCFB), these patients can now make use of the MRI at CDI-HAI. With this contract they make diagnostics accessible for low-income patients in the public sector.

APCFB: “With all our heart, thank you very much for your empathy and social commitment to cancer patients”.

accessible diagnostic closer to inhabitants