Mobile MRI, Brazil

Jun 29, 2023 | Mobile

Kenko Saúde in Itaguaí – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Impact: Accessible for about 500.000 inhabitant of the region, around 15.000 scans per year.
Equipment: GE Explorer MRI

When flexibility is key and you want diagnostics to come to the people a mobile MRI is a perfect fit. Relocating your MRI can be a benefit in co-sharing with other locations or to overcome specific capacity issues.

The clinic, Kenko Saúde, needed an MRI for expansion of their radiology department to offer accessible diagnostics to the city of Itaguaí. The additional option to deliver diagnostic to the region and the possibility for co-sharing with other clinics was a gamechanger for them.

Mobile mri for brazil, resonandina. Flexible diagnostics
Plan for a mobile mri of resonandina

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