Outdoor MRI, St Maarten

Jun 28, 2023 | Outdoor

Sint Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) on the island Sint Maarten in the Antilles
Impact: Accessible for about 75.000 inhabitant of the the island, the surrounding islands and the tourists, making approximately 15.000 scans per year.
Equipment: GE Signa Creator MRI in a box

Sint Maarten Medical Center is the primary hospital on the island of Sint Maarten. It provides a range of medical services to the local population and visitors. In the future SMMC will have its own MRI service within the renewed building. However, till that time the radiology department was lacking an MRI service and was therefore not able to deliver the best diagnostic service to their patients.

A pay-per-use outdoor MRI in a box as an annex to the hospital was the best solution to close that gap. While an MRI in a box is perfectly capable of being a permanent fix, SMMC uses it to serve as a stopgap solution while a permanent indoor service is being established in the coming years.

outdoor mri in a box caribbean
planning of an mri

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